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Handsome Horse France 2018. Part of Handsome Horse.

EVA Matting

Interlocking Stable Floor Mats

Supersoft EVA Providing great support and thermal properties to your horses stable. Easy to fit with interlocking edges for the centre but straight edges for the outside edges.

Choice of 24mm or 34mm depth. 6 x 4 size

24mm  59,50e / £52.50      34mm  72,50e / £64.50

EVA Stable Floor Mats

EVA supersoft 6 x 4 matting, provides excellent support for your horses legs and great thermal properties keeping them warm and dry.

Lightweight and easy fitting. Choice of thickesses.

24mm 57,50 / £52.50  34mm 70e / £62.50    44mm 85e / £75.00   

Pink Or Green EVA

Bringing a bit of colour to your stables. Supersoft EVA matting available in green or pink for stable floors and walls.

Floor mats  24mm 59,50e / £52.50

Wall Mats  10mm  40e / £35.50

EVA Wall Mats

Lightweight Supersoft EVA wall mats. Providing excellent thermal properties for your horse as well and giving protection.

10mm 6 x 4  35,50e / £32.50

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