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Handsome Horse France 2018. Part of Handsome Horse.

Christmas Gift Ideas

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Rhinegold Welly Liners Faux fur topped fleece boot liners.

Ladies One Size - Black or Nutmeg


Rhinegold LUXE Range. Made from Luxury thick fur pile, fully lined and padded for a luxury feel. Available in Black or Natural.



RG Luxe Range


Soft Touch Socks. Cosy, Fun striped Knee high socks.

One size - 3-8

Choice of colours

Rhinegold Elite Brooklyn Country Boots Waxy Leather, with a suede cuff,

Voted BEST VALUE country boot by Horse & Hound.






Junior Grooming Kit.

Complete with Dandy brush, body brush, plastic curry, hoof pick brush, mane comb & wash sponge



Rhinegold Elite Storm Turnout  1200 denier, 200gm polyfill, stretch front, 4’6 - 7’3



Equi-Snood Fleece Neck Cover.

Designed to be warm, cosy and protect

Vented Sheepskin Numnah. Top quality with the finest sheepskin, vented for greater airflow