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Handsome Horse France 2018. Part of Handsome Horse.

Rubber Stable Mats

Bubbletop Rubber Mats

High quality  compound natural rubber matting with a choice of 12mm or 17mm depth.

These mats provide added support for the legs and feet of your horse and give an excellent insulation from the cold.

Fully reversible and easy cleaning. 6x4 size

12mm 60.00e / £52.50          17mm  65e / £58.50

Easy-Sweep Rubber Mats

Easysweep low bubble matting with a choice of 12mm or 18mm.

Non-porous, slip resistant, tough and long lasting quality mats, providing excellent thermal properties  and added support for you horse. 6 x 4 size

 12mm  62.50e / £55.00    18mm  67,50e / £60.00

Amoebic Rubber Mats

Very high quality natural rubber compound matting, providing support and excellent insulation from the cold and damp for your horse. Easy cleaning and hard wearing.

Choice of thickness 12mm and 18mm

12mm  62,50e / £55.00     18mm  67,50e / £60.00

We receive regular deliveries of matting, contact us to pre-order yours.

A fitting service can be arranged.

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