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We have our own on-site laundry service, so no more handing your rugs over to a third party

Wash & Dry

Wash & Re-Proof


Standard Neck Rug     11.50€

Fixed Neck Combo      13.50€

Detachable Neck Rug 14.00€

Fleece / Cooler              8.50€

Fly / Sweet Itch Rug      8.00€

Exercise Rug                 5.50€

Neck Cover                   5.00€

Standard Neck Rug       20.00€

Fixed Neck Combo        21.50€ 

Detachable Neck Rug   22.50€ 

Neck Cover                      7.50€

Travel Boots (4)              10.00€

Exercise Rug                        8.50€


Travel Boots (4)            5.50€

Brushing Boots (2)       4.00€

Saddle Pad                  4.00€

Numnah                       3.00€

Western Pad                6.00€ 


As part of a professional horse clothing designers and manufactures, we can offer repairs to all types of rugs and you can rest assured we know what we are doing.

No repairs will be carried out without the clients knowledge

A full devis can be issued upon request

We charge 20€ per hour for repairs plus material costs. There is a minimum 5€ charge

Example- Repairs to lightweights 15 mins can usually get you 1-2 patches depending on location, patch materials from 1€ 



Please ensure that your rug is clearly marked with your name, contact details and requirements if you are bagging the rugs for drop off or collection on a delivery/pick up point

PLEASE NOTE : All rugs must be cleaned of hair and muck prior to drop off. Excessive hair removal will be charged for at 20€ per hour

Please let us know if your horse has sensitive skin, as we can use a specific rug wash.

REPAIRS - Rug need to be clean in order for us to carry out repairs due to health & safety reasons and the life of our machines. We can wash them for you or you can bring them pre-washed

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