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Forever Handsome

If you would like us to sell your equestrian items on your behalf, please read on to see how it works...

How it works in short..

* We discuss your items with you and the amount of money you would like to get for them.

* If you would like to proceed , we will then fill out the booking in form and tag your items

* We will then advertise them on our dedicated Facebook page "Forever Handsome" and on this website and customers will have access to view and buy at the shop itself. Items can be posted to buyers at their expense.

* For this service we take up to a commission of 25%

Still interested.... read on

Conditions for deposit of materials


1; The deposit of the item defined on the deposit sheet(s)  for the sale through the "depot-vente" is free and will remain the property of the depositor. The depositor declares that the items are solely their property and entrusts Handsome Horse France permission to sell the items on their behalf. All applicants must be above legal age and be able to prove their identity.

2; The items must be in good general condition, functional and clean for health and safety reasons. Handsome Horse France can wash and repair rugs, saddle pads, numnahs, bandages etc at a charge to the depositor.

3; The depositor gives exclusive rights of sale to Handsome Horse France for a minimum period of 3 months from the day of signing, which can at set periods be extended to one year. Advertising will commence as soon as possible after deposit and within 7 days (with exception of items that need cleaning)

4; Handsome Horse France withholds the right to refuse any items not deemed suitable for resale or in the event of any undeclared defects being found.

5; A full copy of the signed deposit form and general conditions will be sent to the depositor via email. In event of items being collected on a delivery/pick-up round, a receipt for the items will be signed and given and a full inspection of the items will be listed on the deposit form and subsequently sent to the depositor for signing prior to the advertising of the items.


1. The selling price of the items will be agreed between the depositor and Handsome Horse France at the time of the deposit. The commision represents 25% of the sale price for the items up to 100€ , 20% for items 100€ to 200€ and 15% thereafter.

2; The items offered for sale by Handsome Horse France will be advertised through social media, on the this website and available to view through the shop. Items can also be made available to view through the delivery/Pick-up rounds

3; The items are offered for sale by Handsome Horse France and we serve as an intermediary between the depositor and the buyer and can not be held responsible for malice on the part of the depositor. In the case of any undeclared defects the buyer may seek compensation from the depositor through a court of law, equally any property found not to belong to the depositor compensation can be sought.

4; The depositor gives exclusive rights of sale to Handsome Horse France during the agreed period and authorises the deduction from the sale price the agreed commission expressed as a percentage of the said items. The depositor therefore undertakes, during the period not to intervene in the sale whatsoever or to request immediate withdrawl of the items. The depositor also authorises Handsome Horse France to publish the photos of the items for sale on the platform of choice.

5; At the time of deposit there will be an agreed price reduction and a minimum acceptable price. At anytime after the initial three month period these price reductions can be implemented with the agreement of the depositor.

6; Handsome Horse France will send any packages at the cost of the buyer via a reputable company


1; The duration for the initial contract is 3 months from the date of signing. A contract end date will be defined and noted on the contract. This period may be negotiable and/or extended up to a maximum of one year. During the initial period the depositor will not be able to withdraw their items.

2; At the end of the contract period or the year end, the depositor is required to collect their items within 21 days. If after this period collection has not been made or further arrangement  made, the depositor may consider that it is abandoning the items and consequently waives any possible claim for restitution and Handsome Horse France will then be able to dispose of the items.

3; Cancellation - Handsome Horse France reserves the right, after informing the depositor, to withdraw from sale without notice any item with a defect that had not been declared or found at the time of deposit. The right of cancellation with immediate effect also applies in the event of any dispute, whatever it may be with the depositor. Any dispute shall fall within the jurisdiction of the court of Poitiers


The payment for the items sold will be made to the depositor on the conclusion of the sale by an agreed method of payment, less the commision.

A revision will be made to the contract upon the sale of any items and a receipt of sale sent to the depositor via email. In the event of a cash payout, the depositor must bring the contract with them in order for the item to be signed off by both parties.

Handsome Horse France is your agent and the sale and insurance of your items is under its responsibility

Handsome Horse France reserves the right to amend the contract at any time 

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