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Our Delivery Rounds

Because we understand that it's not always as easy as getting in the car or having a postal delivery, we have our very own delivery vehicle " Diesel Orchid"

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Where do we go?

Our delivery rounds currently take us up to 3hours away from HQ in all directions. 

We set up regular rounds taking us as far South as Bergerac, Sarlat-la-Canéda and Brive-la-Gaillarde, West to the coast, East to Montlucon and North to Tours, with many stops off in between.

We can delivery to an arranged point or direct to your yard, house or even place of work.


How does it work?

We usually advertise our delivery rounds on our Facebook business page (click the "F" link below) when and where we are going.

Contact us with your requirements and location through this website or Facebook and we will try to add you into a round.

We are constantly getting requests to delivery to places outside our normal range. If we can get enough interest in other areas we will certainly look into expanding. 

As with everything...nothing in life is free!

We do charge a delivery fee and to make it as fair as possible, we share out the fuel costs between the number of clients and the size of the orders we have on the van on each load. 

On an average it costs between 7.50€ and 30€

Private delivery visits can be arranged 


Delivery Dates

We are unable to give exact dates to all deliveries, due to unknown times on our stock deliveries. As soon as we have confirmed dates, they will be marked.

Our next deliveries will be estimated from


Tuesday 13th March

Please order enough supplies to get you through 6-8weeks in case of delays

Orders being taken for  



Example Routes

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