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The ORIGINAL designers & Home of the " HEADLESS HOOD"

Est. 2007

Handsome Horse Designer Products started life because we couldn't find what we was looking for on the Equestrian market.

We wanted a hood without a face for our Traditional cob William, so we spent 6 months testing and tweaking our design until ww finally had exactly what was needed.

In February 2007 we launched the very first "Headless Hood" designs the Equi-Snood & the Equi-Cosy at the British Equestrian Trade Association Fair in Birmingham and was entered into the Innnovation Awards for a New Product.

The Headless hood in now a very popular design throughout the Equine clothing ranges.

As time went on we expanded the range to supply quality products in lycra, fleece and other fabrics. We are now designing some new products for 2023

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